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HOA Dues

Q: Is membership in the HOA required? 
A: Yes, the deed for each property ties the lot to the HOA Master Declaration. When you sign the deed of ownership for your property, you become a member of the HOA. This inclusion of HOA membership into the deed was planned by the developer so that all homes would be part of the HOA. 

Q: When was the HOA started?
A: The association was set-up by the developer to oversee the subdivision with regards to the CC&R’s, maintenance of common areas such as entrances, parks, playground areas, exterior fencing, planting areas, sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Q: Why do I have to pay HOA dues and what are they used for?
A: The association is responsible for paying property taxes, irrigation taxes, and filing federal and state tax returns. Dues paid to the association covers costs for such items as the landscaping company, sprinkler maintenance and repairs, common area fencing, utilities, taxes and management fees. Without the association and a board to manage the affairs of the association the neighborhood could, and often does, fall into disrepair lowering property values and turning your neighborhood into a less desirable place to live. Read more about what your dues cover...

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my association dues?
Your balance will continue to grow with interest over time and assessment of late fees will be added to your account. If your account is seriously overdue, it will be sent to collections, affecting your credit scores. If the HOA has not been successful in arranging for you to settle it, a lien is recorded on your property.The cost of removing the lien will include the legal fees incurred by the HOA. If you do not pay to remove the lien, the cost to remove it will continue to grow with interest. Any liens must be settled before you can sell your home. 

Q: Can any member of the HOA serve on the board of directors?
Yes. The HOA board of directors is made up of residents that are elected at each year´s annual meeting of the association. After the annual meeting, board members meet to elect officers from among themselves. 

Q: Can I add improvements to my property such as a patio structure or new fence?
A: Yes, but each improvement needs approval from the Architectural Control Committee. No construction, alteration, modification, removal or destruction of any improvements of
any nature, whether real or personal in nature, shall be initiated or be permitted to
continue or exist within the property without the prior express written approval of the
Architectural Committee. Keep in mind that for most improvements, including fences, you will also need to obtain a permit from the city. Go to the Forms and Documents tab on HOA Menu of this website to download instruction sheet and application.

Q: My neighbors dog barks all night; what can I do?
A: For issues such as street parking problems, barking dogs or pet waste cleanup, safety hazards such as non-working traffic lights or any other sort of issue, you may contact Snake River HOA Management and we will try to resolve the problem in a friendly manner. However, since we only have the authority to enforce deed restrictions of each individual HOA, the best we can do in most of these cases is to mail or call the resident and ask them to address the issue. This may or may not solve the problem. Because most of these kinds of issues can only be enforced by the local government, you might consider calling the appropriate division for your city first.  
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